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Our Firm

El Dorado isn't just a school.  
It's a culture, a second home, a springboard, a support network, a community.  
It's a place where students are inspired and enriched
and empowered.
It's a place where graduates go on to become judges and doctors and authors and soldiers and legislators and engineers and Olympians and Academy Award winners.
It's a place where graduates return as teachers and coaches and administrators and mentors.  
It's a place where legacies are built and left and maintained.
It's a place of learning, a place of achievement, a place of love, a place of strength. 
It's a place of academics AND...
...a place where students can excel inside AND outside
of the classroom.
This is our place.  This is our El Dorado.  
Why Black and Gold? THIS IS WHY.
EDHS Mock Trial students celebrate with Federal Magistrate Judge and Class of 1989 alumna Karen (Walter) Scott following her robing ceremony.  EDMT seniors were invited to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the ceremony and EDHS Class of 2011 alumnus Gerard Gully was one of three featured speakers.
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